'Cause I know who my soulmate is.

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'Glee': Puck and Quinn Cover 'Just Give Me a Reason'

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5x13 Still

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Just Give Me A Reason - Glee Cast Version

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A long time ago. We saved him, Rachel was his soul mate.

Who’s yours?

the thing i really liked about the quick/brittana crossover in that kissing scene is that i’ve always found them similar in a way.

there are all kinds of couples on tv, from the perspective of the writers. the most common ones, especially on glee, are the fleeting ones. you have the characters already in existent and you pair them up for a few episodes, for the sake of drama; those pairings are rarely thought of beforehand nor do they stay past the few episodes mentioned, but they’re there, for awhile. maybe they attract a fanbase, maybe not, but it doesn’t matter the fact that most times the character is either intended to end up in a relationship with someone else or the writers don’t intend to keep them around for very long. [examples being basically every sam pairing so far, rachel and puck, mercedes/shane or sugar/others, etc.]

then, there are the exact opposite of those pairings: the pairings you have in mind while designing the show at the very beginning, before you even start shooting it. there’s (almost) always at least one couple like that, and i can think of a very small number of shows in which that couple didn’t end up together. in glee’s case, those couples are wemma and finchel - and glee is also one of those shows, although because of different circumstances, obviously. we all know finchel would have ended up together, if it weren’t for.

the next kind of pairing is the kind that usually takes over the fandom unexpectedly. there are many - i won’t say most, because i’m not sure of that, but there are very many - shows, in which the main couple isn’t eventually the most popular one. glee is this kind of show. the unexpected couple is the one where the writers knew there was a potential for the couple but didn’t think it would be a long-term thing, or an important one (see: the fleeting couple). glee’s example is klaine: the writers created blaine with the knowledge that he couple possibly be a romantic interest for kurt, but they intended him to stay for only a few episodes. this plan was cancelled when the couple became so popular it instantly (or not instantly, but pretty quickly) became definitive endgame (see: predetermined couple). [examples for this in other shows are steven/jackie in that 70’s show - who weren’t eventually engame only because of the writers change before the last season - and monica/chandler in friends).

and then there’s the last pairing, that you don’t see as often. the last pairing is kind of like the unexpected couple, but there’s a catch: they don’t become endgame because they’re instantly popular. in fact, you don’t always know they’re endgame at all. but they’re so good together, in the writers’ or the viewer’s eyes (or just in general), that even though they’ve broken up (see: fleeting couple), they somehow find their way back together, slowly and falteringly. those are quick and brittana. quick - they were filler, in season 1. they were the background to finchel, the excuse the writers needed so that the viewers wouldn’t feel bad for quinn. and brittana - they were supposed to be the inside joke, the cheerleaders who were hooking up but never dated, the head bitch who was secretly not so straight. 

but they made it. brittana fought all the way to having an actual love story (season 2), failed at getting a relationship, finally got together (season 3), fell desperately in love, broken up (season 4), made the long hard way to recovery and getting over each other, and now they’re falling all the way back to each other’s arms - not because they’re taking a step back, because they (or the writers, whatever), can’t keep them apart. 

and quick are somewhat the same, although much more was beneath the surface. they were a focus in season 1, fell in love, separated (for reasons that are quite simply the writers wanting to go different directions with the characters), became friends again, acknowledged the fact that they’re each other most important lover (season 3), spent time apart (season 4), and then they fell right back together, after so much time - because it was inevitable, because after everything, there never was and never will be someone better for them.

i can write pages about what i think of those two pairings, but i already wrote waaay too much, and the point i wanted to make was that… well. 

they’re alike. l and i loved that scene - and them.

I know who my soulmate is.