omg Mercedes sees a million romantic candles all over every surface of the apartment, and immediately thinks GOD DAMNIT BLAINE NOT AGAIN. 

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Every Glee song
↳ Bust Your Windows

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Fangirl Challenge: 10 Female Characters | Mercedes Jones
My dream is to […] sing big, juicy, number-one hits that inspire people.

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Glee AU | In which Brittany, Santana and Mercedes reform The Troubletones and head to LA to try to make it as a girl group, while Brittany films their journey for an online webseries documenting the struggles they face adjusting to living together, not killing each other, and trying to make it in the industry as women of color, different sizes and/or sexual orientations
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glee girls meme: favorite female friendship (1/2)
+ brittany/santana/mercedes

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mercedes jones in episodes » saturday night glee-ever

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