Klaine AU | Blaine Anderson is the best fencer of his age, but Kurt Hummel thinks the title should belong to him. After telling this to everyone, Blaine confronts him about the rumours that says that Kurt is better than him, so they end up trying to decide who should have the title.

Blaine loses the competition, but thinks Kurt was unfair in some of his moves, though no one sees it his way. (Later they try and work out their frustration in the locker room’s shower.)

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au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

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Then one day you’re gonna wake up and realize that ‘I don’t love him anymore.’




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I would much rather be running this race with you than against you.

As equals.

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oops…seems like someone got caught :3 

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