this one has sockshare…

god bless your cow and house and soul ♥

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Well, they could be running through the scenes and blocking them first then shooting them later (Naya wore a winter coat during the rehearsals of WBSS while everyone else was in costume)

hmmm yeah that makes sense.
also omg wow i didn’t even know you followed me but kay this is awesome 

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inkystars replied to your post: but, i mean, tina and blaine looks really… i…

They’re just rehearsing. They’re not really filming.

I thought so too, but then again darren shaved and gelled his hair and - cuffed jeans?
but then again (again), yeah, they all look actor-ish instead of the characters so… 

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They Are Angels ~

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I am never going to be able to dip my oreos in nutella without thinking about chris and darren naked again! NEVER!

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Pretty, Pretty People


cough. andrea and amber and vanessa and carly and L and ashley and zane.

The Smell Of Dust After Rain: Mike on the other hand... (spoilers for the ending of AC)


Mike was a simple District 12 guy.

Nineteen, worked in the coal mines, absolutely in love with his fiance, Tina.

He was so excited at the reaping, because afterwards, he and Tina could continue their courtship without anymore interruptions.

He never dreamed that her name would be called.

So he…

i’m not very original, it seems.