Klaine Fic: Chloe and Me


i started writing stuff down about blaine’s labradoodle, chloe, and it turned into a kind of marley and me au. i’m so so sorry. snaps for bron for this. she knows why.

word count: 7971

rating: mostly pg apart from a teeny tiny smidge of nc-17

Chloe is only a puppy when she meets Blaine. He’s thirteen when his parents take him to the pet store, and she tries to stand a little taller than the other puppies around her. This boy’s face is warm and friendly, and as soon as he picks her up and nuzzles into her fur, she desperately wants him to take her home.

He’s been quiet lately, a little reserved, and his parents hope that having a dog to play with, and the responsibility of walking her and feeding her every day, might bring his confidence back, and it does. He’s never been shy, but he likes that Chloe is just his. It makes it easy to talk to her. He knows that she won’t tell any of his secrets, and that she’ll love him, follow him around and bump his hand with her head for a stroke, no matter what. He needs that kind of reassurance right now.

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Sex Education by beautifulwhatsyourhurry

happy birthday Jamie♥

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» Nia's Fic Rec Masterlist

List now contains over 140 fics, not including my huge list of drabbles!

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the secret keeper


look probably another fic i won’t ever finish, yay!

pg-13. ~2,500 words.

warnings: assault, mention of self harm, suicide

Blaine Anderson, the Secret Keeper, is invisible – he sits and waits, listens with open ears and a closed mouth, while all the students pour their hearts out.

They say he even knows your secrets before you do.  

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fic: only a name (3/?)


by: mal

word count: ~1,300

summary: soulmate!AU: Kurt and Blaine are activists part of a revolution where they ritualistically adopt aliases and wear wrist cuffs as to not reveal the names written there because they believe that people should fall in love the ‘natural way’. Little do they know they are each other’s true soulmate.

“Come with me,” Burt pleaded his lover, his voice strained and broken. He sounded like a dying man. 

“I can’t,” she replied somberly. “You know I can’t.”

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» Like Rockstars | (anonymous)

In which Kurt and Blaine are both in Vocal Adrenaline. They may have to sing a duet for Nationals together, but that does not mean they like each other - which is the root of their problem, really, as they find out their vocal rhythm is nothing short than awful. The solution to this problem is easy - sex. Lots, and lots of it.

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Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes


Summary: It’s Halloween night in New York and Vogue.com is holding its annual masquerade ball. As a lead coordinator, Kurt has to attend, not counting on a certain someone to crash the ball in an attempt to win him back.

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» Unwanted | portraitofemmy

In which Kurt’s a Dom who never wanted a sub. Blaine’s a sub who’s never been wanted. This is a story about finding the things you need in the place you least expect them.

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[FIC] Carry Your Shame 6/18


Rating: NC-17

Beta: Laura aka- gottriplets <3

Warnings: First time sex, blow jobs, exhibitionism, sexting, gay sex all around- the usual :)

Summary: Kurt doesn’t think the Blaine Anderson will ever notice him, so he’s not in the least bit prepared for what happens when he does. (My take on the whole Popular!Blaine, nerd!Kurt trope)

This was written for this GKM prompt, so go check it out and possibly leave me some love <3

Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//(Blaine interlude)//Part 4//Part 5

*Side note- anyone looking to track this, it will always be tagged as “Fic: Carry Your Shame”

-This won’t go up at GKM until tommorrow. It’s too late here to worry about coding it for LJ


Kurt woke up the next morning content. He felt boneless in the way that only happens after a complete, deep sleep. He was satisfied and oddly… sticky?

It took him a moment to realize that he wasn’t in his own bed. He wasn’t even in his house. It wasn’t until somebody started nuzzling at his neck that he remembered where he was. It didn’t take much after that for the memories to start flooding back in full color. 

Blaine. Kurt was at Blaine’s house. He’d kissed Blaine. They’d actually made out. Then Blaine had touched him… Kurt had gotten off with another boy. Not just any boy-Blaine. 

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guys. you do not understand. this is everything.

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Just Like Magic, Kurt/Blaine, NC-17


Title: Just Like Magic
Pairing: fairy!Kurt/werewolf!Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,700+
Warnings: boypussy, oral, barebacking
Summary: Fairy!bp!Kurt meets werewolf!Blaine, who is in search of a mate.

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