People who are alive?

Kay, so I’m gonna go get dressed and get breakfast, and then I’m going to post the third part of IYELL. People who aren’t asleep raise your hands!

06.23.12 ♡2

it is so hard to understand high school in the US. i just spent three hours googling senior class schedules to even understand it - and all for writing fanfiction.
i don’t think RIB appreciate us enough.


The Ultimate Klaine AU

Kurt, one of the cheerleaders of Slytherin House, is a badboy; he has the name of his soulmate - Blaine Anderson - written in bold, capital letters on his hand, which means he’s a Dom. He’s not looking for a relationship - only a quick fuck every once in a while. If his dad knew, he would’ve said it’s a side-effect of the trauma, because of the bullying he went through in the Amrican School of Magic, but that’s really not it.
Blaine, the new teacher in Hogwarts who used to go to Ravenclaw, is a total nerd; he has the name of his soulmate - Kurt Hummel - written in thin, italic letters on his hand, which means he’s a Sub.  He’s been looking for his true love for  a long time, but he’s not sure he can deal with it when he finds out his soulmate is a transfer student who’s eight years younger than him. Espically when he’s hiding a huge secret - he’s actually a prince from a faraway kingdom.

AUs used?
And this is what happens when you take a few of the big AUs ‘round here and put ‘em together ;) 

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going to read Everyday for the first time. wish me luck.
still can’t believe nobody claimed it. isn’t it, like, madly popular? 

I just saw your continuation and I love it and thank you for not continuing that's actually really nice of you!

lol, no problem! it’s yours, i will never take away something that belongs to someone else. even if it’s a fanfic, it’s kind of stealing, isn’t it? :) anyway, i’m so glad you liked it, because i just kind of wrote it for myself when i reblogged your amazing piece. i’m waiting for you to continue it - your writing is really good!

Anonymous asked:
Can I have the link to them pleeaase? (:

um, i didn’t really post them. i have this obsession of finishing everything i write before i post it, otherwise i have a feeling i will never finish any of it xD but, um, i’m working on one really hard right now, and i think it’d be finished in about two days? and then i’ll post it here. so… yeah. :)

Anonymous asked:
i personally think you should continue writing that ficlet about the window ledges...

are you the same anon from before? if no, then scroll down my blog - read what i wrote the previous anon. if yes, then i’m sorry, but it’s copyright infringement. She was there first, she started it - without her i wouldn’t have written it at all. it’s hers and she wants it, and there’s nothing i can do. i’m sorry.

p.s. i’m tagging the writer so you anons can go to her. if you want a continuation, she said she’s going to continue :)

Anonymous asked:
Okay so PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE THAT KLAINE FIC YOU WERE WRITING ON THE COMMENTS OF THAT PHOTO! I understand if you have other commitments but wow it would be amazing if you could continue it :) You have an amazing talent <3

wow.. okay, well, thank you! :) I don’t think I can continue it, even if I really want to, because the begining of it isn’t mine and the write (hammster . tumblr) said she wants to continue it. sorry, anon. maybe if I get her permission and she won’t want to I’ll try to, but I don’t see a reason why she won’t do it herself :)