Fic: If You Ever Lost a Light (7a/?)

Title: If You Ever Lost a Light
Pairing: Prince!Kurt/Badboy!Blaine
Summary: Based on this photoset. Kurt is a prince who is forced to leave his home after a rebellion. He ends up in Lima, Ohio, where he finds out blending in and avoiding troubles might be harder than he thought, especially when he meets the school’s badboy, Blaine Anderson. link here.
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PART 6 | PART 7a / PART 7b


Twenty minutes after his phone first rang, Kurt pushed the bathroom door open and quickly texted Rachel to let her know he won’t show up at Glee practice. Not only did he want to get to his room and curl up on his bed, replaying the conversation with Sugar and the homelike vibes, but his clothes were ruined and he desperately needed to shower as soon as possible. Glee club and its members could wait until Thursday.

When he finally parked his car in front of the Berrys’ house, his instincts took over; boots by the door, undershirt and boxers along with socks in the washing machine, shirt and pants thrown into a pool of soap and soft brushes in the sink – because he’d jump off the Eiffel Tower to the sound of Irish music before washing his expensive, designers clothes in a washing machine, or, really, anything but the perfected skill of handwash. As soon as he finished washing his shirt and pants – they were clean, thank god; Kurt was never more grateful for the food-fight Finn thoughtlessly decided to have in June two years ago that forced Kurt into learning the fine art of cleaning his outfits by himself – and the washing machine stopped spinning, Kurt hopped into the shower. He wasn’t thinking, wasn’t making decisions or ordering his mind around; he was all instincts and absent actions, avoiding the moment he’d have to activate his brain again – because then, he’d have to think of his father, possible injured, and Finn, stupid acts and otiose attempts at being a hero, and Carole, helpless against legions of warriors, and Sugar and Rory and everyone at his previous school, and –

His home, possible no longer everything he remembered from only four days prior to that.

So he opted to refrain from thinking, instead letting the warm water drown him in a hazy cloud of ignorance. He watched as they turned slightly red, the sugar and food coloring washing away, and then proceeded to wrap a fluffy towel around his body, walking towards the door of his - (theirs; it wasn’t his home, it’d never be home) - room, pushing it open with his toes.

He fell asleep as soon as his body found a comfortable position, curled around and under the pillow and the duvet.




"So you seriously take AP Art History, US History, and AP Modern European History?" The mohawked boy wondered out loud as he and he two other boys sharing Health with him wandered down the hallway towards the cafeteria. "Dude, I only take one history class and I die of boredom every time, planning ways to escape like those awesome Jailbreak movies."

Kurt rolled his eyes, getting tired of Puck’s many moments of disbelief regarding the prince’s schedule. As he quickly learned, Health class was nothing more than a free period for everyone involved – the teacher included. Nobody seemed to listen to a single word Mr. Wilson was saying, and after attempting said action for two and a half minutes, Kurt could understand why people said he, too, was treating it as a free period. Thankfully he shared the class with Puck, Sam and Santana – who, according to Puck, frequently skipped to make out with Brittany in the empty classroom in the old section of the building. The chestnut-haired boy decided to let it go and simply avoid questioning it. “Yes, Puck, I am taking three history classes. I love art and its history is fascinating to me, I already took European History back home, and the history of the United States interest me greatly. Any more pointless questions about my timetable?”

Sam, the blonde with the wide mouth who was sweet though a bit dumb at times – Kurt couldn’t help but think Finn and he would get along swimmingly – smirked at Puck from Kurt’s other side. “Get used to it, man – Puck’s questions are usually pointless.”

"Shut up, Blondie," was Puck’s snapping reply.

"Do you know who is joining us for lunch?" Kurt hurried to ask, if only to prevent the inevitable banter that would follow if he’s let Sam reply to that. Plus, he would bet on his truly impressive - biased opinion aside - scarves collection that as far as origins went, Sam’s blonde hair definitely came from a bottle.

Sam shrugged, pushing his hands into his jeans’ pockets as they walked through the double doors leading to the cafeteria, but Puck hummed. “Well, San would be busy getting it on with Brittany, and Q has this head-cheerleader practice with the Coach, so those three are out. I think Berry is coming, and maybe the Asians too? Or maybe they’re too deep in each other’s throats to notice the time,” he smirked, flashing his teeth towards the two other boys who rolled their eyes at him in response. “Uh, Puckzilla is present, duh, and Barbie Ken over there is at your service, and maybe Abrams or Jones will be here too – that’s it, pretty much.”

"Artie is in AV club meeting now because the one they were supposed to have today after school didn’t mash," Sam cut in, a thoughtful look in his eyes. "And Mercedes won’t be here – she’s going to the library to study to the end of term Spanish test."

Kurt nodded until he realized that Sam had no apparent reason to know Mercedes’ whereabouts, and he together with Puck – who seemed to figure out the exact same thing – raised their eyebrows at the blonde with questioning expressions. Sam huffed and waved them off, walking faster to avoid answering them, but Kurt could have sworn he saw blush forming on his cheeks.

"Anyway," the remaining boy coughed, still staring at Sam’s retreating form with his eyebrow high. "We’re the Glee club, we sit together when we can – except Anderson, but he prefers to sit and inhale drugs under the bleachers or whatever he does there," Puck said with a dismissive hand gesture.

Kurt followed Puck as the other boy led them to the trays stand, each boy grabbing one. “I don’t think I met him yet – he’s the only member I wasn’t introduced to. Are you all friends?”

A surprisingly strong pair of hands grabbed onto the prince’s shoulders before Puck had the chance to answer, and he could feel the weight of a body jumping up, using him for leverage. Then the weight was gone and Rachel’s voice was loud in his ear. “Hi, boys! What are we discussing today?”

She, of course, didn’t wait for an answer, instead going around Kurt and looping her arm through his.

"Hummel was just asking if we’re friends with Anderson," Puck said distractedly while the lunch-lady scooped rice onto his tray and, in return, the boy winked at her. "And I was going to answer but you showed up so I didn’t."

"Oh," the short brunette said, clearly without hearing a word the boy had said. She was looking around the room and waved enthusiastically when she found whatever she was looking for. "Look, Mika and Tina are already sitting down! Let’s go join them."

The dark-haired mohawked rolled his eyes at her, muttering something about Jewish loud girls; Kurt was about to sigh at her overly loud tendencies but follow Rachel’s springy steps nevertheless when a huge, muscular body blocked his way, sending him near fall. “Watch out where you’re going, fairy!” Karofsky’s mocking tone was too close and too loud for Kurt to not flinch. “Or are you begging for another slushy? What, the one from yesterday wasn’t enough?”

Another tall boy with red letterman-jacket that Kurt did not recognize hollered in laughter and added, “Don’t worry, new kid, I bet we can arrange something colorful for your rainbow!”

The two tall footballers high-fived as Kurt steadied himself by gripping the side of a nearby table so hard his knuckles turned white, and then they turned and walked away, joining their fellow jocks at a table in the distant corner of the room. Kurt took an apprehensive step back when Karofsky’s head turned midway, his eyes tiny and narrowed, glaring exactly at Kurt’s direction.

The latter stood still, rooted to his spot as if he stepped right into cement with his eyes gazing over the place the football-players stood moments ago, until a warm hand placed on his shoulder made him jump up in surprise.

"Are you okay, man?" Sam asked him, and Kurt could tell the blonde was uneasy by the look of his face as he turned around. "They said they slushied you. Is that why you didn’t show up to Glee practice?"

"Why didn’t you tell me they slushied you?" Rachel slightly upset tone came from Kurt’s other side, and he wondered when they all managed to make their way to him when they were sitting with Tina and Mike only minutes ago. "I would have helped – I have a remarkable talent at cleaning the mix off after all the inequitable times they had done it to me."

"It’s fine," Kurt answered, shaking his head and with it the fear that slowly crept through his veins at the dangerous look in Karofsky’s eyes. "It’s nothing. You – you said they do it to all of you, right?"

Puck, who stood next to Rachel while chewing something and looking extremely unconcerned, nodded. “Yeah, calm down, bro. They do it about once a week and shit – I used to do it so I know. You got nothin’ to worry about. It hurts at first but if you can notice in what days they slushy you, you can make sure you have extra clothes and all that stuff.”

Kurt nodded and smiled at the three, and then titled his head to smile at Tina and Mike who were still seated by the table forty five feet away but seemed to be discussing whether or not their help was needed as well. “Thanks, guys. I mean, once a week isn’t so bad. I can get used to it, I guess – they do it to everyone, so I’m not any special,” he shrugged, silently telling them to let go of the subject and focus on something else.

Sam nodded slowly, Rachel frowned but turned around to head back towards the table, and Puck just shrugged and said, “Welcome to McKinley, Hummel. Look at it as your 'you belong with us' congrats party.”




The problem with Kurt’s optimistic pep-talk was that he forgot one small detail; he was special. He was different – in a good way, if you asked his friends and loved ones, but he was absolutely convinced the majority of the population in McKinley didn’t see it that way – and so, he was ought to receive special treatment.

At least according to the football team, hockey team, and various individual Cheerios throughout the school.

By his last period - AP Art History with Rachel - he had been shoulder-checked at least eight times, been pushed into lockers five, and was slushied once again, right before the class began. Mercedes was kind enough to glare at Sam into letting Kurt borrow one of his shirts – he was thankful and well-mannered enough to not comment about the shocking ugliness of said shirt – so he was able to sit through the lecture with minimal discomfort. It wasn’t the same for Rachel, though, who seemed very worried that he was slushied twice in a row, since according to her, the shortest time span of any of the Glee club members’ slushies was three days, and that was when Rachel was in her freshman year and recorded three new videos on her MySpace.

"It’s no big deal," Kurt sighed when the two walked towards the exit of the school, this time heading to Rachel’s car as she was the one to drive that morning. "I mean, I guess they’re just -"

"I got your text," a voice to the boy’s left said, and he turned his head to see Mercedes marching towards them, one hand holding her bag’s strap. "They slushied him again? Two days in a row? I don’t think it happened before, had it?”

By the way she was referring to him in third person, Kurt assumed the conversation was between her and Rachel exclusively, thus he moved aside to let Mercedes step between him and Rachel.

"It hadn’t," the shorter girl confirmed, crossing her arms over her chest with a thoughtful expression. "I don’t know – maybe it’s because he’s new…?"

Mercedes raised a dubious eyebrow and Kurt considered scoffing out loud. It wasn’t because he was new, and everyone knew that – it was because he was gay, and was proud of it, a fact that the small-town Midwest jocks couldn’t handle.

Mercedes chose to let the pink elephant keep on hanging in the air, though, as she nodded and quietly said, “Yeah, maybe that’s it. They’ll probably let it off in a few days.”

The prince didn’t bother correcting any of them, simply letting the conversation slide away as the three headed out of the school and into the parking lot. He wasn’t going to tell any of the Glee members about being slushied had they didn’t found out by Karofsky and his friend, and he wasn’t about to share his doubts about it going to stop any time soon.

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