Fic: If You Ever Lost a Light (5/?)

Title: If You Ever Lost a Light
Pairing: Prince!Kurt/Badboy!Blaine
Summary: Based on this photoset. Kurt is a prince who is forced to leave his home after a rebellion. He finds himself in Lima, Ohio, where he finds out blending in and avoiding troubles might be harder than he thought, especially when he meets the school’s badboy, Blaine Anderson. link here. (although it’s far less advanced)

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The prince’s cheeks felt like someone set fire to them, and he finally turned his head away as quickly as he could, the control over his own body seemingly back into his hands. Kurt was doing his best at avoiding the other boy’s gaze - he was sitting in the second row, the first chair from the right, so he was pretty much in the other end of the class, but that didn’t mean Kurt felt any less humiliated at being caught staring.

He is probably thinking I’m a total creeper, Kurt sighed to himself, and the sad truth is that he’s not entirely wrong. Fighting the urge to hide his head under his arms and disappear, the brunet reminded himself he had more dignity than that, and really, he had done nothing wrong – whoever the boy with the obvious addiction to old-fashioned clichés was, his opinion of Kurt didn’t matter.

No longer than three minutes later, he felt a tap on his back that made him turn around to see a smiling girl with shoulder-length blonde hair, green eyes and pretty face. “Hi. You’re Kurt, right? You’re staying at Rachel’s?”

He frowned but nodded, trying to be as discreet as possible. The teacher was still writing on the blackboard – who used blackboards these days? He knew he was accurate with his description of this school – but that didn’t mean she couldn’t turn around any second. “Yes. I’m Kurt Hummel, and you are?”

The girl’s smile widened slightly and she gave a tiny secret wave, eyes not quite focused on him but on a spot over his shoulder; she was probably watching the teacher to make sure she didn’t turn and catch them. “I’m Quinn Fabray. I’m in New Directions – the Glee club?”

Recognition struck Kurt as he suddenly remembered Quinn’s face from the same two pictures he remembered Santana, Tina and Mercedes being in – the one of the New Direction holding some story of trophy, and the one he found out to be a picture of all six Glee girls. “Oh! Yes, I know who you are. Hi.”

She laughed quietly. “Yeah, hi. So I was wondering if you were coming tomorrow – we have Glee practice, and Rachel’s been talking about you for months now, so maybe if you’ll be there, she will be quiet for more than two minutes and thirty eight seconds?”

He couldn’t help but grin at that – from the look on Quinn’s face, it was obvious she tried counting. “Well, yes, I think I will. I love singing.”

She nodded and leaned back in her chair. “Good. Now turn back around, I give old Mrs. Lou-Lou seven seconds before she turns and we all pretend like we’ve been listening.”

He chuckled softly at that, turning back to face the blackboard, and his face were set aflame once again when he realized the dark pair of eyes didn’t leave him this entire time.




When the bell finally rang, Kurt was almost shameless to admit he was mentally breathing out gratefully and dropping his head onto his arms. Physics wasn’t such a bad subject most of the time – but from the minute he first saw the currently colorless pair of eyes, (and yes, Kurt will deny that he had any desire to get anywhere near the boy to find out the color of his eyes), on him, he was having the most absurd paranoia in which Mr. Jim Stark Wannabe was watching him through the entire period. The chestnut-haired boy knew for a fact that wasn’t true since he dared glancing in the boy’s direction just once, and his gaze was directed at the open notebook on his desk, head leaning on his palm with an utterly bored expression on his face. That didn’t shake his paranoia away, however.

With a fleeting reminder to himself that lunchtime was now, he slung his bag over his shoulder and walked as quickly as he could through the door. No need to look John Bender in the eyes again.

He was surprised to discover Rachel was standing out of his classroom’s door, waiting with her arm reached out for him to grab. He smiled at her and did so, letting her rest her fingers in the crook of his elbow.

She was just beginning to tell him about something that happened in her Spanish class when a sound of ballet flats tapping on the floor behind them made them both turn to look at Quinn closing the gap between them, grabbing at Kurt’s shoulder to make them stop.

"Hey," she breathed out, brushing a stray strand of blonde hair off her face. "You guys going to lunch?"

Rachel nodded with a smile. “We’re eating with Mercedes and Tina. Do you want to join us?”

Quinn nodded in agreement and the three fell into step, the blonde taking her place on Kurt’s other side. He was grateful for the distraction the two girls’ babble provided, thankful for the opportunity to observe; they both looked so comfortable, so used to their surrounding – their steps were lighthearted, their chins were held high, the drama queen Rachel was obviously shining through in every corner and every turn with the flip of her hair and the sound her dress’ skirt made when she twirled. The good girl Quinn seemed to be deep inside, with her soundless steps and quiet turns. In the dark back of his mind, where he kept the distant memories he didn’t want to remember like trying to eat soap and the day his mother died, he wondered if he’d ever feel like that in this place.

A few moments later both Rachel and Quinn seemed to fall silent, their conversation obviously over, and Kurt grasped the chance to talk about something lighter to keep his mind off the incessant worries.

"I like your hair," he told Quinn with a smile, which made her smile at him and reach up to run her hand through her short locks.

"I do, too," she said. "I got it last summer with Santana and Brittany. I had a pretty rough time last year, and we all decided we needed a change."

Kurt frowned at the named; he knew who Santana was, but he was pretty sure he didn’t meet Brittany yet. Inside his head he ran the faces of the Glee girls in the picture in Rachel’s room; he met Rachel, of course, and Quinn, Santana, Tina and Mercedes – which left only one girl who he had yet to meet. “Kind of tall, long blonde hair, unique fashion style?”

Rachel nodded. “She’s the third Cheerio in Glee club.”

Kurt nodded and turned his head to Quinn again. “The Cheerios are the cheerleading squad, right? You’re their captain?”

Quinn’s small smile turned into a full-out grin. “Yeah. I was one my sophomore year, but – well, things changed. It’s senior year so I decided to pull myself together and I proved Coach Sylvester I can do it. I earned my spot again earlier this year. San, Britt and I…” She huffed out a laugh. “We used to be the best of friends, before Glee. Stuff happened, but we’re back on track this year. They will always be my besties.”

Quinn was just finishing the sentence as she pushed the cafeteria’s doors open and Rachel let go of Kurt’s arm, gesturing towards a table where a small Asian girl Kurt met earlier was already sitting. “Here’s Tina – come on, guys, let’s go!”

Apparently waiting for them to catch up with her wasn’t very important in her eyes, because Rachel skipped off without booking back at them, waving at Tina and dropping down on the seat next to her.

"Come on, let’s go make sure Rachel doesn’t kill Tina with her fervency,” Quinn rolled her eyes, making sure Kurt followed her to the table.

Kurt obeyed, sitting down next to Quinn across of Tina and Rachel; Mercedes joined them seconds later, sitting down next to Kurt and offering him one of her fries.

"So have you heard about the football team not being here today?" The dark-skinned girl latched into the piece of gossip immediately after sitting down. Tina raised her head with an inquisitive expression while Rachel nodded, keeping her mouth closed as she chewed around her salad. Kurt wondered if it meant Mercedes was the go-to gossip girl in McKinley. "I’m so glad. I wasn’t slushied in a week, and I have brand new cloths today that I totally didn’t feel like ruining to the point of no return.”

Kurt blinked at the use of the word ‘slushied’, and Quinn – who looked up and caught his expression – hurried to explain. “It’s a frozen smoothie, basically, that the idiots around here throw on the kids they don’t like.” She wrinkled her nose, sending an apologetic look at the three girls sitting around them. “I used to do it to people, and God, I didn’t even realize how much it hurts.”

Kurt’s mouth opened slightly, but he quickly shut it and frowned at them. “They – they do that to kids around here? But doesn’t the school administration do anything against it?”

Rachel scoffed into her lettuce and Tina sighed, absently drawing circles on the table with her finger. “You really are new, aren’t you?”

Mercedes leaned forward, narrowing her eyes at him. “If you wanna survive here, boy, you have to know one thing – never go to the admin. They will do you no good, and most days, it will come back to bite your white ass like you wouldn’t believe.”





Kurt and Rachel climbed into Kurt’s brand new car approximately two and a half hours later, (“Rachel, you got here by yourself this morning!” “Well, yes, but I hitched a ride with Melanie, and she’s horribly annoying.” “No more so than you.” “What was that?” “Nothing!”), and that’s when Kurt finally remembered to ask Rachel what he’s been thinking the entire day: “How did you get all those popular people to join Glee club if it’s so uncool?”

Rachel shot him a confused look while she fastened her seatbelt and absently flipped her long silky hair onto one shoulder. “What are you talking about?”

"The cheerleaders," Kurt clarified. "They’re sort of – cool, I guess? And I heard you have, like, three football-players in the club? How did you get all those people to join?"

Rachel wrinkled her nose and propped her arm up on the window, leaning her face against it. “It’s kind of a really long story.”

Kurt nodded. He definitely had the time, if nothing else, and he knew Rachel would find something different to ramble about anyway – might as well be something he wanted to hear about.

"Sophomore year," Rachel started. "Mr. Schuster established Glee club. We were four, in the beginning. Tina, Artie, Mercedes, and I. We were the losers no one liked – we had nothing to lose. But it wasn’t enough - not for us, not for Mr. Schue, and definitely not for a competition which we had to win to keep the Glee club running more than one year; that was the deal with Figgins.

"The same week, Mr. Schuster caught Puck and some guy from the team trying drugs beneath the bleachers."

"Puck takes drugs?" Kurt frowned. He heard about Puck once or twice during the day – all he knew was that he was the mohawked boy from the New Direction’s picture and that he was a football-player.

"No, he does not," Rachel answered. "He tried it once because of some stupid dare the boys of the team gave him, and the moron complied on school grounds." She huffed, obviously having talked about it with him. "The one time he tries he gets caught. Anyway, Mr. Schue caught them, and decided to use it for his own good. Completely unprofessional of him, if you’d ask me, but eventually it was good for both Puck and us, so I keep quiet about it - most of the time. He told Puck he has two options: either Mr. Schuster tells Puck’s mother, or he has to join Glee club."

Kurt was mentally frowning – the only reason he wasn’t outwardly doing so was because he had to focus on the road; he’d like to get to Rachel’s house alive and with all his essential and nonessential organs, thank you very much. “So basically, you Glee teacher blackmailed Puck into joining? Well, that’s a teacher I can assure you I never had back home.”

"Well, yes, that’s another way to put it. Essentially, he was trying to benefit him, but – okay, never mind, that’s beside the subject. Back to the point. Quinn, Santana and Brittany were the queens of McKinley back then; mainly Quinn. She dated this guy named Dexter, who really is a huge jerk, and also the quarterback of the Titans – the football team. I don’t think she ever truly loved him, but I assume you know how peer pressure can get – she was the head Cheerio, he was the quarterback; the students expected them to be together, so they did."

"How does that bring her into New Directions, exactly?" Kurt wondered aloud.

"Well, if you wait and listen you’ll know!" Rachel grunted, flicking her fingers against his arms, earning a small, "Ouch!"

"One day – and don’t ask me exactly what happened, because no one truly knows," she continued as if she was never interrupted in the first place. "Quinn and Puck ended up sleeping together. As in, sleeping-sleeping. Quinn was part of the celibacy club until then, and she claims to have been drunk on wine-coolers and depression, but again – no one knows the specific details.  Anyhow, she got pregnant, and –”

"She got pregnant?" Kurt repeated in shock, briefly glancing to Rachel and then back on the road. "Seriously? Oh God, the poor girl. And she’s a Christian, so my guesses are she didn’t -"

"Had an abortion," Rachel nodded sadly. "She kept the baby. At first, she tried to claim it was Dexter’s, but that blew up in some point."

"Okay," Kurt breathed out, trying to let the new info about some of the people he only met in person today sink in. "So, that lands her in Glee club, because…?"

"Coach Sylvester," Rachel said. "Also known as Sue Sylvester, Dragon Lady, and Satan incarnate.  She always hated Mr. Schue, and she had this absurd mission to get rid of the Glee club, so she sent her three top cheerleaders to ‘spy’ on us. That’s how Quinn, Brittany and Santana joined Glee club. They stayed for unknown reasons, but they’re part of us now – they’re family. Quinn is also the reason Puck stayed after the football team threatened to outcast him – he wanted to look after her since she was having his baby."

"Ok," Kurt nodded. "There are still – what, four members missing?"

"Mike Chang – he’s a football player – and his friend, Matt, joined too at some point. Matt left at the end of that year because he transferred or something, but Blaine Anderson joined junior year along with Sam Evans so it didn’t matter."

"Who are they?" Kurt asked. Obviously he hadn’t seen them in the picture since it was taken in sophomore year. "And what happened to Quinn’s baby? And that still gets you to ten and eleven members sophomore and junior year. Don’t you need twelve to compete?"

"Sam is another football player, and Blaine is… well, he only speaks to us during Glee. He’s kind of a really, really lone wolf. You’ll see them both tomorrow in Glee club.

"Yes, we did have ten and eleven members the past five competitions we participated in. We had two band members, Hugh and Pitt, understudy so we could have twelve members. We won Sectionals sophomore year, but we reached last place in Regionals. Figgins let us have another year because for some reason Ms. Sylvester supported us. Obviously, she had improper motives she kept to herself, but we were grateful for the chance. We also won Sectionals junior year, but we came second place in Regionals. This year – we had Sectionals about a week ago – we won, and we plan on winning Nationals. It’s out last chance – most of us are graduating this year."

Kurt nodded while he reached down and killed the engine. They reached Rachel’s house, but the conversation wasn’t over yet, and he wasn’t going to let her get away with the final question. “So about Quinn’s baby?”

Rachel sighed and unfastened her seatbelt. “It was girl, named Beth by Puck. They ended up giving her up for adoption, although I’m almost certain both of them regret that. It was for the best, if you’d ask me, since Shelby can give Beth much better life than what two students can, but – well, maybe I’m biased. I don’t know. She’s my biological mother, after all.”

Kurt almost choked on his spit. “What? Quinn’s baby’s adoptive mother is your surrogating mother? How did you even make that happen?”

Rachel laughed quietly. “We had our fair share of drama, just so you know. You’ll catch up eventually, don’t worry.”

And with that oh-so-promising statement and a suspicious wink, she hopped out of the Navigator and towards her front door.

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Okay, so this has been the last filler chapter. I pretty much just explained to you and Kurt how canon changed when Kurt and Finn weren’t there. Call it fate, or my twisted imagination, but I honestly think all of those things would’ve happen even if the key-characters wouldn’t have been there, like Finn and Kurt. (i.e. Quinn still gets pregnant, Glee club still happens, etc. Only they don’t win many competitions, and Rachel and Quinn don’t hate each other - since without Finn they have no reason to.)
NEXT: A little (more than) bit of the original prompt, Klaine interactions, and Glee.

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