Fic: If You Ever Lost a Light (3/?)

Title: If You Ever Lost a Light
Pairing: Prince!Kurt/Badboy!Blaine
Summary: Based on this photoset. Kurt is a prince who is forced to leave his home after a rebellion. He finds himself in Lima, Ohio, where he finds out blending in and avoiding troubles might be harder than he thought, especially when he meets the school’s badboy, Blaine Anderson. link here. (although it’s far less advanced)

 PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

"Your house is beautiful," Kurt commented as he walked through the front door of the Berrys’ house after Leroy, looking around with a smile. He was carrying two suitcases, the other two being carried by Hiram who walked in after him.

"Thank you!" Rachel answered, skipping in after her dad. "Come on, you have to see my room!" She then grabbed his hand, catching him off guard and making him drop the two suitcases onto the floor, dragging him up the stairs.

Hiram raised an eyebrow at his daughter retreating form. “Well, Rachel seems to be doing just fine.”


Leroy scoffed. “Wait for when she realizes she’d have to share a bathroom with somebody and she can’t stay there two hours in a row perfecting her notes.”

Hiram smirked. “We are quite the adventurous with this, aren’t we?”

Leroy raised an eyebrow as well. “What exactly are you suggesting, mister? There are minors in the house, you know.”


"So this is my room," Rachel said excitedly, a huge grin on her face as she threw the white wooden door open and hopped onto her bed. "You’re welcome here twenty-four-seven. Well, except for when I’m practicing my lines for West Side Story – I was born to be Maria, you know, I’m still waiting for McKinley to do this so I can lead it – and when I do my nightly vocal-runs. Those are times when I shall not be disturbed at any cost."

Kurt laughed, both at her words and the fact that she was completely serious as she said them; Rachel seemed to be from the kind of people who were swaying on the fine line between a five-years-old and a forty-years-old woman, and he found that amazingly amusing. He then stopped for a second to look around the room; her floor was covered in dark wood, and she had a fluffy white carpet on it; two walls were cream-colored while the other two were burgundy, she had long curtains hung from her windows, and her bed looked incredibly inviting, if the way Rachel was curled up around a pillow on it at the moment was saying something. He was only puzzled at the Christmas stocking on her bed, since from what he gathered, the Berrys were Jewish, but Rachel quickly attracted his attention again, so he didn’t have time to think about it too hard.

"Come here, Kurt," she said, waving him over. Kurt raised an eyebrow at her, smirking to himself. Two hours ago the girl insisted on calling him Your Highness, and now she seemed determined to become best friends as quickly as possible, the kind that shared dark secrets and told each other everything and still managed to bicker about every little thing.

Well, he couldn’t say he minded the change.

He did as she said, stepping over piles of books and sheet music on the floor, walking towards the bed and sitting on it – gracefully, if he may say so – while she was sitting, curled up next to him. When she noticed his confused look at the raised eyebrow she gave him she rolled her big brown eyes and said, “Take your shoes off.”

Kurt blinked and blushed slightly. “Of course,” he muttered, bending over to unlace his shoes and put them carefully near the edge of the bed. As soon as he sat up again, he let out a yelp as a pair of hands grabbed his shirt and pulled him backwards.

"Oh my god, this is so unhealthy," Kurt giggled when he realized what position Rachel forced them into. They were lying sideways on their backs, legs dangling from one side and heads from the other. He could feel his blood rushing down into his normally pale face, and he was ninety seven point eight sure that he was as red as a tomato, but he didn’t really care – this was a really weird way of having fun.

Rachel hummed in agreement, titling her head to face him. “My friends and I do this all the time at sleepovers. Tina, one of my friends, says that this is a really good way to think things over because all the blood is in your head. Well, she kinds of also acts like a vampire part of the time, so I’m not really sure if she’s right. But she’s nice! You’ll like her!”

Kurt smiled. “I don’t think I had a sleepover since I was something like nine. Do you think I might be able to join you sometime?”

Rachel giggled, nudging his shoulder as best as she could. “Sure. But you’re going to have to tell them you’re gay, because it’s supposed to be a girls-only occasion.”

Kurt attempted to raise an eyebrow, but then he decided it was too hard upside-down. He’d have to ask Finn – since he was the expert – how Spiderman managed to do this all the time. “Are saying gays count as girls to you, Rachel?”

Rachel huffed, kicking his shin. “Of course not, it’s just that we usually talk about boys when they’re over – therefore, boys are not allowed, unless they themselves are attracted to other boys. Also, it’s just awkward to have a slumber-party when guys are around. We tried it once – it didn’t work really well,” she mused to herself, seemingly talking more to herself than to Kurt. “And, well, Noah broke that lamp –” she shook her head, looking at him again. “Never mind, not important. You’ll meet them all on Monday.”

Kurt rolled his eyes fondly, facing upwards, looking at her weirdly-painted pink ceiling. He liked her already, even though she talked a lot and really quickly, too. “Of course.” Then he noticed something on the ceiling that made him frown. “Uh – Rachel, why is there a huge golden star glues to the ceiling above your bed?”

Rachel grinned, looking like he just handed her a Tony award. “I’m so glad you asked, Mr. Hummel.”

She grabbed his hand again, this time forcing him into a sitting position, both of them wincing when all of their blood came rushing back down. After a short moment of adjusting she pushed him up and towards far-away wall from her bed – luckily, he caught up to how she bossed people around, and was ready for the push when it came. She then she pointed at a collage glued to the, just behind a treadmill. “This is my dream, you see. All of it. Broadway, singing, the stage. Being a star.” She gave him a pointed look, narrowing her eyes. “You do like Broadway, right?”

Kurt nodded, eyes shining as he noticed the three shelves next to the collage, all of them filled with –

"Musicals, soundtracks, performances –" he breathed out, carefully running his fingers over the huge collection that almost matched the one he had back home. "Rachel Berry, you and I are going to be the best of friends."

She squealed and linked her arm through his, dragging him back down the stairs – something about her basement and a stage, although he didn’t really hear everything she said since her mouth was running in a speed of ninety kilometers per hour

Every single one of his worries about being unable to be friends with his host seemed to grow legs and climb out of Rachel’s bedroom, hopefully being crushed to dust on the pavement outside.



Monday came flying so quickly Kurt didn’t even have a moment to think of it – Rachel and he spent the entirety of the previous day watching musicals, discussing Broadway through the years, and fawning over Barbra Streisand. It was both a blessing and a curse, as he was absolutely certain he would have drove himself insane if he sat and thought about his first time at a public high-school all day, but on the other hand, he didn’t have time to both mentally and physically prepare himself for it.

And when he says ‘physically’, he means ‘fashionably’.

It didn’t turn out to be much of a problem, because as he was startled awake on Monday morning by the beep of his cell-phone, the last thing on his mind was what he was going to wear – which is a very, very rare occasion in Kurt Hummel’s life. The simple truth was that back home, he’d have to wake up at nine a.m., and his biological clock was used to exactly that. That’s why waking up earlier than that – way, way earlier than that – made him wobbly and annoyingly tired.

He eventually dragged himself out of the bed, making the dazed decision to wash his face and try to freshen up before he headed downstairs and tried to swallow something edible as quickly as possible – and maybe then he’ll start thinking about getting dressed. He was surprised to find out Rachel was neither in the bathroom nor her room, but the thought slipped out of his brain as quickly as it came when he splashed ice-cold water on his face, shook himself up, and went downstairs to get something to eat.

Leroy shot him an amused look as the boy groggily sat down at the table, murmuring a, “Thank you”, at the breakfast plate that was already waiting for him. “Hmm, Hiram, is this the first hints of prince-like behavior I spot here?”

Hiram chuckled from behind his newspaper. “Doubt it. More like the first hints of teenage-like behavior. Don’t worry, Kurt, you’ll get used to your new schedule soon.”

"I hope so," Kurt sighed, taking a huge bite of his salad and toast; he had a feeling the table manners teachers he went to when he was thirteen won’t exactly approve. "Where’s Rachel?"

Leroy took a seep of his tea. “She had to head out an hour ago to do a test she missed a week ago when her Glee club headed out for Sectionals. Your car is here, though. Someone made sure it’ll be here.”

"My – my car?" Kurt blinked while he stood up, taking the plate with him. He wasn’t very sure where the food went to so quickly, but he hoped it was inside his stomach – breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all.

"Yeah," Hiram smirked at him. "A brand new Navigator. Be happy, kid – lots of boys your age will kill for it."

Kurt nodded slowly, trying to process the new information so early in the morning. So Rachel’s Glee club were competing for real, (note to self: ask her if they won Sectionals), he had a new car, (note to self: try to get hold of father and ask him where that car came from and how exactly it had gotten into his hands) and –

Oh god. He had to go into his new high school all by himself.

(Note to self: why did I agree to this, again?)

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(Rachel’s bedroom is a mash-up of this and the pieces we saw on Glee)
And yes. Yes, I know Blaine isn’t here. But this part was too long, so I cut it off, and so… Blaine will be in the next part. I promise.


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