…”And, hell, maybe I was scared of feeling something like that towards you again because it sure as hell didn’t work out the first time around and I maybe that’s why I acted the way I did, I don’t know….”
"Wait…again?" Blaine said, frowning.
Kurt smiled humourlessly and slipped his hand into his pocket, pulling out a folded slip of worn paper and holding it up.
"What’s that?" Blaine said curiously.
"It’s something that I think you need to read," Kurt said, pressing the paper, smooth with age, into Blaine’s palm.
"It’s a letter," Kurt said with a weary sort of sigh. "That I wrote to you in freshman year that I…I couldn’t give to you then. But now I’m ready." He pushed himself to his feet, straightening his coat. "I have to get back home and you probably want to finish sleeping off that hangover but…read it. Please." He pulled his keys from his pocket and took a few steps towards his car, boots crunching in the snow. He stopped at the door and looked back at him. "You waited three years? Well…so did I. I just tried to move on with my life. But maybe it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped."
He tugged the door open and climbed inside without another word, the engine rumbling to life and gravel crunching beneath the tires as he pulled out and drove away.
Blaine stared after him for a moment before setting his bottle down and unfolded the paper with his numbed fingers, blowing on them briefly to try and regain some feeling as he started to read, smiling at how, even at fourteen, Kurt still had the neat, flowing handwriting.

Dear Blaine,
I love you.


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, chapter 10, by Admiller.

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