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The most relatable twitter account ever created

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losing him was blood orange

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Anonymous: What is "the thing" 



Okay, so when Tyler releases a Troyler collab we can’t say anything about it on any social media networks for a whole hour. All we can do is comment “lol” on the actual video. It’s gonna freak them out! Then after an hour has passed we can go crazy. It’s gonna be awesome! And i think about 5000+ people are doing it, so yea. SPREAD THE WORD!!

i almost forgot about this thing

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the ice bucket challenge is perfect because as a fangirl i kinda wanna see my faves naked and wet but i also kinda wanna see them in pain u feel me

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Boo, you whore!

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potential spoilers but not really

Things that will make Guardians of the Galaxy more funny when you know the comic background:

  • Groot is actually really smart and a prince. Due to his vocal cords being wood, he makes very high pitch noises and when he speaks all we can hear is, “I am Groot” Rocket on the other hand has very sensitive hearing and can actually understand him. 
  • The dog in the space suit is named Cosmo. He’s a telepath and becomes the leader of Knowhere 
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  • teacher: what do you think is the most under appreciated art form?
  • me: winged eyeliner
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